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An homage to campy, high-octane spy shows of the 1970s, A1C: AGENTS 1st CLASS is Blue Forge Productions at its best -- great stories, big laughs and a real message. Because Charlize's three beautiful young spies aren't just any agents, they're made more resilient by living with Type 1 Diabetes.

BFP as a company was founded to make the GHOST SNIFFERS, INC. television show where young actors who lived with medical conditions or disabilities played characters dealing with the same challenges... and who also had super powers. Likewise, BFP's first feature film, GHOST NOIR, cast more than twenty actors in the same vein to tell the story of a world where adults sent away their "special needs" children.

Written by Jennifer DiMarco, A1C: AGENTS 1st CLASS returns BFP to its heart so that even as we diversify our content, we will never forget who we are and where we began.




Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Serafina Belladonna

Arly Quillin as Scout McDrew

Kelsey Will as Sunny Monroe

Angela DiMarco as Charlize

Ron Bauer as Director Michael Michaels

Brianne DiMarco as Car AI and Candy

Caille Elizabeth Jensen as Portkey

Eleanor DiMarco as Helena

Darryl Robert Small as Horatio

Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Teen Horatio

Larry Hawkins as Radar

Nathaniel Devish as Highbrow

James Rowland as Bodacious Overlord Baron

Angela Faro as Magneta

Gabriela Noble as Neptuna

Abie Ekenezar as Patti Pickler

Kacy Caughlin as Sissy

Chelyn Ocholik as Missy

Benjamin Casad as Lyle

Georgina Black as Kyle

Amber Rainey as Marsha

These incredible individuals believed in A1C enough to fully fund the film in just thirty days. The entire A1C team thanks:

Ron Bauer, Pat Williams, Lance Williams, Terry Nawara, Kelle Williams, Roseanne Ward, Catherine Herzog, Angela Faro, Lorelei James, Caille Elizabeth Jensen, KiwiLogic Farm, Maggie Hall, James Rowland, Robert Rundle, Steve Hudson, Thresia Cobb, Blue Boots Farm, Eleanor DiMarco, Kelsey Will, Kevin Williams, Sue Hogan, Merlene Bognar, Angela DiMarco, Charlcee Davis, Bridget Gronberg, Ruth Bloch, Abie Ekenezar, Stephen Harshfield, Sheila Houlahan, Lauren Coe, Bradetta Vines, Amber Rainey, Darryl Robert Small, Angela Faro, Arlinda Quillin and Arly Quillin.



"As Deadly as They Are Dashing"

Charlize is a world-class scientist in charge of three world-class spies: Scout, the gadget guru; Sunny, the bomb boss, and Serafina Belladonna, the weapons expert. They're three agents who kick-butt and look great while doing it! How do they dance on the line between life and death? It helps that they all live with Type 1.