"She has the Key. He has the Way."

Cousins London and Paris normally can't stand each other, but when they find out they can open doorways into another world everything changes. Mysterious packages from their grandmother lead them on a fantastic adventure of discovery, wonder and magic proving that London isn't just the teacher's pet and Paris isn't just a gaming slacker.

But it doesn't take long for their adventure to turn into serious business in this young adult feature film. Paris may always carry his d20 with him but the Kingdom of Blue Moor isn't in a game and Joselyn and Tybolt are in real danger. Book & Key is an action adventure with enough surprises to keep the whole family watching.


Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as London
Jordan Nancarrow as Paris
LaMontra Atkinson as Gina
Ron Bauer as Second Shadow
Benjamin Casad as Mr. Lumine
Angela DiMarco as Angie
Jennifer DiMarco as Librarian
Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Tybolt
Angela Faro as Hilda
Dakoda Foxx as Maya
Pilita Gruber as Gilda
David Hogan as Dave
Hannah Horton as Joselyn
Cynthia King as Elaine
Tyler Pennon as Sam
Darryl Robert Small as Grandfather Foris
Launa Sorensen as Esmeralda and Third Shadow

Veronica Bauer
Tracy Anderson
James Charles
Cory Dickson
Alexander Engeland
Isabella Hale
Hannah Harrison
Brandon Hourn
Mikayla A Johnson
Emma Jones
Kennedy Jorgensen
Jenaye Krick
Maddy Parker
Melissa Rae-Ann Pickens
Arly Quillin
Alexis Reimers
Zach Rene
Zac Sherrer
Stacey Venzel
Julia Wyman

Daniel Adams
Geraldine Bowers
Chris Dickson
Tina Krick
Linda Pickens
Kami Robinson

Kate Sherrer

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