"Keys Open More Than Doors."

City of Keys is a feature film greenlit for 2017 based on the short film, Cuifen, by Jennifer DiMarco. Kathleen Rann is a novelist in a film noir world of shadows and black and white. Intensely shy and focused on her young fictional protagonist, the beautiful but damaged Cuifen Keyes, Kathleen writes dark and twisted tales of murder and missed redemption.

But when Detective Bennett Dale comes to Kathleen's door with a search warrant and Cuifen's fictional exploits start to play out in the real streets, Kathleen turns to the brilliant Detective Maria Coal to clear her name. Unfortunately, nothing is clear as the story twists in on itself and the truth becomes as elusive as the young killer, Cuifen.

Meanwhile... Kathleen's editor, the socialite Anastasia Blunt, just wants the next novel written. Today!

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Stacey Venzel ... Maria Coal
Maxwell Kier DiMarco ... Bennett Dale
Brianne DiMarco ... Kathleen Rann
Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco ... Cuifen Keyes

TBA ... Anastasia Blunt

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