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"Should a Mother Play God?"

A feature film drama inspired by the life of writer/director Jennifer DiMarco and her son, Maxwell, DEUS FOR DANIEL has moved between four studios, looking for the right fit and the right time to tell its powerful story.

Over the course of the film's development, two different trailers were made. Both of them can be watched here to explore what DEUS FOR DANIEL will become.

When Maxwell was diagnosed with autism at fourteen months old, Jennifer was told to put him in a home before he became "too much" for her to handle. That he would "never interact with the world in a meaningful way." Jennifer chose differently... and so does Marion in DEUS FOR DANIEL.

But Marion is tormented by doubt: Did she do the right thing? Did she change her son for selfish reasons? Is he better off now or just forced to be someone he isn't? Marion and Daniel must find their own truths. Their journey takes place on the Washington Coast where Marion vacations with her very different twin sons... and a young girl whose connection to Daniel is mysterious and wonderful.

DEUS FOR DANIEL will be told with more symbolism and surrealism than is usually found in traditional feature films. This creative choice allows the audience into the mind of Daniel where the world is often literal and seemingly full of magic.

The trailer above is the original made for DEUS FOR DANIEL in 2011. The second trailer, below, shows the actor, Maxwell Kier DiMarco, four years later and also allows us to experience more scenes from the film. In both trailers, the writer/director, Jennifer DiMarco, appears as Marion but she will not reprise this role in the film.




Maxwell Kier DiMarco as the Walden Boys

Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Hope

TBA as Marion Walden