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"The Flashpoint for Inspiration Continues"

Join us on Saturday, February 25, at 2pm to enjoy class time and writing over an early dinner... then film at the most magical location yet. Bundle up! This workshop's secret location is outside and breath-taking in more ways than one.

A "flashpoint" is the critical moment at which someone creates significant action and the "forge" is where that creation happens.
Blue Forge Productions doesn't enter festivals or contests. We focus our energy on making films that viewers will pay to rent and buy. To us, that's what a studio is. And we want there to be more studios out there who understand that the traditional method of film-making -- requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a film -- is not the only way or even the best way.

BFP Method -- the way we plan and format our scripts to give the writer complete control and streamline the entire process of film-making. The location is in downtown Tacoma, Washington, but the exact address will remain a secret until the day before the event. We'll meet at a cafe where everyone can eat lunch and have a warm drink -- support small business and bring your wallet! Then we'll have an hour of instruction while we eat and then two hours to write scripts.

Films will not be made in teams this time and can have no more than two actors in them. If you act in your film, you cannot also direct. If you have one or two others act in your film, you may direct. Brianne, Faith and Maxwell DiMarco will be available as actors plus up to two actors you bring with you.
BFP will shoot, edit and score your film. The focus of this fourth workshop is on the power of imagery... and so... no more than one line of dialogue can be included. Class time will be dedicated to how to frame each shot for maximum impact.

The schedule is:

Buy your ticket for $25. If the workshop is sold out, the system will stop you from buying a ticket.
You'll receive materials to study via email. These will include the location of the workshop.
On February 25, show up on time at 2pm.
On March 1, all the films will be added to IMDb and are launched online for free viewing.
From March 1 to March 14, viewers will watch and vote for their favorite film and favorite actor.
On April 23, the winning film will screen as the opening act at the TAKE 8 FILM FESTIVAL: WHITE ROOM. Trophies will be awarded to all winners at the premiere.

There are only twelve tickets available so get one while they last. You may attend as an writer and create your own film or as an actor to be cast in other people's films -- or both!

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