A "flashpoint" is the critical moment at which someone creates significant action and the "forge" is where that creation happens.

Several times a year throughout Washington State, writers -- brand new or established -- gather to learn the Blue Forge Productions method of writing and creating films -- the efficient, inexpensive BFP Method that allows writers to retain control over their film by writing "prose storyboards."

BFP hosts Forge Flashpoint at a different inspiring and exclusive location each time and writers create their scripts live after three hours of instruction with Jennifer DiMarco. Writers receive a 40-page packet of materials prior to the workshop and never pay more than $35 to precipitate. Actors can also purchase tickets and be cast in one or more films -- or write their own!

Once the scripts are all written,
BFP shoots, edits and scores them then releases them free online. Viewers get thirty days to watch and vote for their favorites. Winners receive beautiful trophies and all the films are released on DVD and commercially with IMDb listings. The winning film is screened and a BFP red carpet event.

The first four Forge Flashpoint workshops sold out and a fifth is currently in the planning stages. Check below to see if a festival of Forge Flashpoint films are available to watch and vote on, or rent a previous festival for $1.99. Click a festival icon to find out more.

Available to Rent

Available to Rent

Available to Rent

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