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Our series of workshops make writing, directing and producing films and web series accessible to students of all ages and abilities. As a not-for-profit company, our tuition is often half the cost of similar workshops. Our bottom line is empowering you to create with a focus on good stories, well told.

Workshops are offered online to make them accessible to students everywhere as well as allow students to progress through the sessions at their own pace. Students can pose questions the instructor with 24-hour turnaround to receive valuable feedback on ideas. If you can watch a YouTube video on your PC, Mac or iPad, you can access our workshops.



Forge It! Web Series Workshop

Join us for a workshop that touches on all aspects of creating your own web series with a focus on making the best story and telling it well. Whether your idea is a cooking show, a living comic book or a dramedy, the web allows writers to explore any genre. The workshop includes sixteen extremely focused classes (7- to 25-minutes each) broken into sections of four classes each. The sections are:


What makes a good story? What's your genre and audience? Find your POV, central question, tagline, and more. Chart your story's progress and pacing, find the heart of what you're trying to say and who you want to speak to. Learn the best script format for a web series, industry terminology, and how to write, write, write!


Imagery rules in film and a web series is really a series of short films. Find the images, colors, symbols and even the music that perfectly conveys your story. Learn about securing locations, what you can and can't film, and the different ways to frame a shot. Tell your entire story in pictures and make a story board.


Are your actors friends and family? Cardboard cut outs on craft sticks? No matter who will be in front of the camera, as the director, you will have to work with them. Learn about your team (the crew), the talent (the cast) and even dive into basic acting methods to help beginners become comfortable in front of the camera.


What camera is best? What other equipment do I need? What about software for special effects? How do I budget my project? How do I contact the press and write marketing materials? Get the virtual experience that will allow you to make your own informed decisions about a wide variety of tools and learn how to use them best so you won't break the bank to make art. HD cameras, 3D cameras, filters, mics, poles, iPads and more are explored.

A $150 tuition grants one student access to all sixteen classes plus unlimited email access to the instructor. Students  can start the workshop at any time. Access information two all sixteen classes will be sent to you within 24 hours of payment.

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Forge It! Fusion Animation Workshop

Can't draw? Can't animate? Don't have hundreds of dollars for software? No problem!

Our unique fusion of illustration, animation and HD filming led us to create both the "Drawn" and "Jericho House" projects -- with nothing but creativity, drive and a good story. If you want to make shorts, episodes and even feature films like "Drawn" and "Jericho House"... or even better! ...come learn all the basics (and a few advanced tricks) at this one-day intensive workshop.

The Fusion Animation Workshop is currently only available off-line. There are no material costs --  a computer and all software will be supplied. The class can run with only one student, but cannot accept more than four so space is limited.

Each student will be given a CD of the entire software suite they need to create their own fusion animation projects as well as hands-on time crafting their own idea during class. During the workshop, students will create a short film together and receive a copy to take home.

The workshop will cover the entire process:

Software Overview

Plotting Your Story

Character Design

Creating Textures

Acquiring Props

Building Sets





...even how to submit to film festivals and get your project listed on IMDb.

The workshop will run Saturday, December 15, from noon to 6pm, in Port Orchard, Washington. Tuition is $75 and can be paid by using the "Buy Now" button above. If you have any questions, please email us.