Blue Forge Productions is a Washington State registered nonprofit and we never lose sight of that important fact. No decision is made because of the money; we are driven by the story. Right now we offer a free course on creating your own web series and we plan to add additional free courses in the future. To find out about BFP's extremely low-cost workshops taught live in Seattle and the surrounding counties, check out the Forge Flashpoint workshop at just $25 for twelve-hours of instruction and the creation of your own film.


Taught by
Seattle Times best-selling novelist and award-winning poet Jennifer DiMarco, our web series workshop will walk you through the process of bringing your web series to life with the strongest possible foundation -- a good story. The writer and director behind 90% of the projects here at BFP, Jennifer guides students through sixteen extremely focused classes. The workshop's four sections include:

How to Tell
What makes a good story? What's your genre and audience? Find your POV, central question, tagline, and more. Chart your story's progress and pacing, find the heart of what you're trying to say and who you want to speak to. Learn the best script format for a web series, industry terminology, and how to write, write, write!

How to Show
Imagery rules in film and a web series is really a series of short films. Find the images, colors, symbols and even the music that perfectly conveys your story. Learn about securing locations, what you can and can't film, and the different ways to frame a shot. Tell your entire story in pictures and make a story board.

Take Action
Are your actors friends and family? Cardboard cut outs on craft sticks? No matter who will be in front of the camera, as the director, you will have to work with them. Learn about your team (the crew), the talent (the cast) and even dive into basic acting methods to help beginners become comfortable in front of the camera.

Tools of the Trade
What camera is best? What other equipment do I need? What about software for special effects? How do I budget my project? How do I contact the press and write marketing materials? Get the virtual experience that will allow you to make your own informed decisions about a wide variety of tools and learn how to use them best so you won't break the bank to make art. HD cameras, 3D cameras, filters, mics, poles, iPads and more are explored.