After five years in business and a year teaching filmmaking workshops, several things were clear: We were making our living as storytellers... and other people wanted to as well.

And none of it would have been possible without BFP Method.

BFP Method is way of writing, formatting, shooting, editing and even marketing films that streamlines the entire process and makes it accessible to brand new storytellers. We have taught BFP Method to actors through the Take 8 Film Festivals and to writers and directors through the Forge Flashpoint Film Festivals. But we wanted to reach individuals and studios outside of Washington State. Finally, starting April 1, 2017, we'll be able to.

Forging Film is a premium 8x10 trade paperback with more than 200 pages of extensive instruction on filmmaking. But not traditional filmmaking. There are too many independent filmmakers out there who still have to keep their day job, too many film-school graduates who are working outside the industry entirely. Forging Film teaches BFP Method, the proprietary filmmaking approach developed and perfected by
Blue Forge Productions and now used by more than twelve studios throughout the United States.

BFP Method is how
BFP makes all our films -- short films and feature films -- and Forging Film covers the entire process:

Idea Consideration

As well as including the phenomenal Forge It software created by Lauren Coe that formats your script into perfect BFP Method and lets you write worry-free. But that's not all! Forging Film also includes complete scripts of produced films and hard numbers about revenue and returns -- all prepared by Jennifer DiMarco, the primary writer, director and co-owner of

Forging Film walks you through every step -- from developing your personal style to camera techniques and shot types and when to use them. Jennifer names the equipment, the software, and the new and secondary markets where you can find everything.

BFP began when a nine-year-old girl asked her two moms to make her a television show. It has grown in five short years to be a profitable studio beholden to no corporate interest and fully sustained by viewers all over the world renting and buying their films. Forging Film welcomes filmmakers -- and non-filmmakers! -- into the world of visual storytelling. You don't need anything but passion, drive... and Forging Film.

Digital Edition $19.99 AVAILABLE MAY 1, 2017
This edition is delivered via email as a PDF within 24 hours of purchase.
You will be sent a private link to download the Forge It software program.

Premium Print Edition $24.99 AVAILABLE MAY 1, 2017
This edition is delivered within two weeks of purchase.
Your Forge It software program will come on CD packaged with the book.