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"When Disabilities Become Super Abilities"

GHOST SNIFFERS, INC. is a dramedy television show and web series with fourteen thirty-minute episodes so far. Set in an alternate world where "disabilities" grant super abilities as a trade-off, young heroes work together to prove whether reported paranormal activity is real or ridiculous as they face all types of wild and wacky monsters. Most of the actors live with the real medical conditions their characters do -- to show other teens and preteens that nothing should hold you back.

Explore the series through thirty-minute episodes free online, card games, plush dolls, choose-your-path books, and novels! Or pick up the commercial DVDs with three episodes per volume.

The television series that launched Blue Forge Productions, GHOST SNIFFERS, INC. features the spunky Faith Forge who runs Ghost Sniffers, Inc., a company of kid investigators. At her side are her twin brothers, Maxo and Maximilian, and fellow hunters Sirius Spark, Bianca Ice, and Gogo Gidgit with her robot Boo.

Season 1 brought us an epic clash with the Monster Bunny that left one young hero in dire peril. As we march into Season 2, more than one life hangs in the balance and the team must work together like never before!

Watch the newest episode, The Monster Ball. Once the episode receives 100 views and 100 subscribers, we'll post the next episode!

What are others saying about GHOST SNIFFERS, INC.? Hear from The West Seattle Herald, The Port Orchard Independent, The Kitsap Sun, The Kitsap Weekly and actor Kristie Gronberg by downloading our free press packet here


Available (Season 1, Episodes 1 - 12)

Available (Season 2, Episodes 0 - 1)

Post-Production (Season 2, Episodes 2 - 12)


Sarah Best as Mythos Courage and Captain

Dianne Boatwright as Mother Maxo

Kyra Boatwright-Frost as Potro and Wiz

MacKenzie Boom as Skeleton Pisiform

Caitlin Bromberg as Beat

Sarah Coleman as Mythos Loyalty as All-Star

Anika Crosta as Skeleton Capitate

Angela DiMarco as Green Dawg

Brianne DiMarco as Gogo Gidgit, Doctor Grace and Nee

Carol DiMarco as Captain Snakes

Cris K.A. DiMarco as Geneva Skully

Eleanor DiMarco as Eleanor

Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Faith Forge and Monster Bunny

Jennifer DiMarco as Alpha Forge

Joannie DiMarco as Doctor DeRosa

Joseph DiMarco as Joseph

Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Maxo Forge and Maximilian Forge

Emma Forrest as Fess and Harley

Sierra Garcia as Eve, Lady of Light, and Aria

Lizzie Green as Curious Tourist

Zachary Green as Skeptical Tourist

Kristie Gronberg as Sirius Spark

Ryan Gronberg as Purple Imp

Christopher Harris as G.I. Handsome, Lord of Light, Jack Chickadee, Dean Earnest

Catie Hinson as Mau

David S. Hogan as Peter Adalwulf

Jonah Kendziora as Mythos Faith

Breanne Johnston as Ryan and Ryan

Amanda Labumbard as Ama

Emerson Lang as Cosmo and Emm

Lila Lang as Reh

Aundrea McKinsey as Skeleton Lunate

Meg McLynn as Gypsy Starr

Hannah Miller as Sphinx and Twink

William Michael Paul as Major Smoggy

Jocelyn Parrish as Madame Magnolia

Aubrey Perkins as Bre

Tressa Peterson as Reeve

Abigail Phillips as Mythos Tenacity

Korin Pittman as Skeleton Hamate

Dolores Rogers as Amphitrite Oceana

Brittany Schroeder as Hund

Launa Sorensen as Fey


Please see individual episodes.



Eight heroes. Dozens of different endings! "The Haunting of Zephyr Zoo" is a choose-your-path adventure like no other. Not only do readers select which young hero to follow, but five completely different mysteries wait to be solved! Investigate as Forge and Maxo; Gogo and her robot B.O.O.; Sirius Spark; Maximilian and Kraken, or Bianca Ice. 330 pages. Click the image above to purchase for $12.99.

The complete soundtrack to GHOST SNIFFERS, INC.'s Christmas episode, "The Spirit of Christmas," this is that rare Christmas album with dubsteb and electronic music, including forty-six minutes of original music. Your commercial CD will arrive in a jewel case with printed disc and inserts. Click the cover image to purchase for $9.99

Based on the episodes of GHOST SNIFFERS, INC. but full of extra scenes, back stories and added excitement, our novelizations are written by actors who appeared in the series or those close to them. These trade paperbacks range from 150 to 300 pages and can each be purchased for $9.99. Click a cover above to buy novelizations of Season 1 episodes one through five.

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If you've watched GHOST SNIFFERS, INC. you know how important krakens are... but kraken babies?! Get your very own baby kraken then watch for their appearance at the end of Season 2. Kraken babies are $9.99, eight-inch, handmade felt dolls and they come in many patterns. We'll surprise you! Click here to purchase.

The GHOST SNIFFERS, INC. trading card game is a cooperative story-telling game for one to four players. To play, you'll need one Hero Deck and one Adventure deck. Select from a variety of Adventure deck themes or even purchase several and shuffle the cards together for an all-new adventure!

The Hero Deck comes with twenty playable heroes from the show, twenty interchangeable gear cards, and one twenty-sided die. Click the deck image above to purchase for $9.99.

Adventure Decks come with fifty interchangeable, reusable story cards. Select from the three story themes below and click the title to purchase for $9.99:

High Seas Adventure Deck

Ahoy, matey! Time to sail the Seven Seas and face the wonders of the deep.

Carnival Adventure Deck

Abandoned Fair Ground? Shadowy rides? Let's skip the cotton candy and solve this mystery!

Haunted House Adventure Deck

There's nothing more classic than a haunted house... that smells like cupcakes. What?!