When we see a need in the industry, we fill it. And we love doing things our own way. In 2016, we wrote, filmed, edited, scored and released eight feature films and a lot of the work was possible because of our cohesive scripts written with BFP Method and storyboarded for fast reference. "Good Story, Well Shown" offers a basic glimpse into BFP Method and 600 pages ready for you to storyboard your film. If you're looking for a comprehensive manual for BFP Method, please see Forging Film: A Comprehensive Guide to Filmmaking.

"Good Story, Well Shown" is available as a trade paperback with an introduction by writer/director Jennifer DiMarco. Each premium 8.5x11 inch, 614-page volume contains space for storyboarding six hundred shots with notes. Jennifer also includes information on how camera directions and shot styles are recorded using
BFP Method. Please note that this is not a book on how to storyboard or an intensive on BFP Method; this is a notebook to create your storyboard in with BFP Method reminders. Available for $24.99 at

"Good Story, Well Shown" is also available in an ebook edition. Filmmakers receive everything in the trade paperback edition in this digital edition for just $4.99. Space for storyboarding six hundred shots plus all the resources by Jennifer. This 314-page ebook can be printed single-sided. Buy here for instant download.