LaMondtra Atkinson

Abie Ekenezar

Anastasia Poole

Congratulations to LaMondtra Atkinson, Abie Ekenezar and Anastasia Poole, our selections for the 2016/2017 Into the Forge filmmaking boot camp, a free intensive that forges emerging filmmakers. These creative and brave writer/actors will write, cast and create their own feature films for commercial release with the complete support of Blue Forge Productions.

BFP was founded in 2011, co-owner Jennifer DiMarco had already worked in the entertainment industry for twenty-two years. A Seattle Times best-selling novelist, and winner of Bumbershoot and PNWC poetry and non-fiction awards, Jennifer had published more than a dozen novels and collections with both New York and independent publishers while still a teenager. Touring nationally with her work, Jennifer learned a valuable lesson: The public puts storytellers on  pedestals.

Whether penning a novel or making a movie, authors and filmmakers are often seen as something special with goals unobtainable by anyone but a select few. At
BFP, we feel very strongly that this is simply not true.

Into the Forge strives to demystify the process of filmmaking and place the story-telling power into the hands of emerging story-tellers. We want to show you that making a feature film in just a few days with a small crew is possible. That making a feature film for less than millions of dollars... less than a thousand dollars... is possible. (No, you are not required to spend a dime to participate in Into the Forge but it is my invitation only.)

What's important is the story.

Since humanity's earliest days, gathered around fires and painting on cave walls, we have craved stories to fuel us as much as food or water. Even when modern life encroaches or bills stack up, we still share stories and seek them out.

Into the Forge is looking for story-tellers who don't know the words, "I can't." Story-tellers who have the dedication to put their butt in a chair and do the work. Story-tellers who create their own inspiration instead of waiting around for a muse. If you would rather tell an engaging, unforgettable story than eat or sleep, then Into the Forge is for you. If you think going on Facebook or looking at cats on the Internet is okay when you have a deadline... then walk away now.

Into the Forge is a driven, no-holds-barred intensive in filmmaking that will end with the red carpet premiere of your own feature film. But between then and now is a lot of work, long hours, and no room for excuses. We wouldn't have invited you if we felt you would fail. Everyone here at
BFP believes in you and we will do everything in our power to help you succeed. However...

Ultimately, you are writing this chapter in your life. How it turns out will be a direct result of the work you put into it, the hours and ideas and networking. Now is the time to put you first. To put your story first. Now is the time to let the story to take over.