"They Have Two Hours to Kill"

Lifeboat 715 is the ultimate experiment. Twenty-four strangers. One room. No script but countless secrets and lies.

When Meredith, Rhiannon, Jimi, Alexis, Calvin and Sarah awaken in a strange room, they have no idea how they got there and barely know each other.

Calvin is in handcuffs. Sarah is still wearing her apron. And Jimi blames the Illuminati... especially when he's twitching on the floor.

Sergeant Knox and Agent Noach seem to know what's going on... but they also look like teenagers with a sniper rifle. A screen counts down from two hours. But two hours to what?

This is the premise of Lifeboat 715. Run not unlike a murder mystery party in a locked room, the actors were given no script -- only glimpses into the back-stories of their own characters. Yet as Lifeboat 715 unfolds, a cohesive and chilling story emerges. There are layers of mystery here and an agenda that affects each of the characters... and everyone watching them.

After outside influences tried to stop the release of Lifeboat 715, Bl
ue Forge Productions made the decision to release the entire feature film for free online. Though a commercial DVD will be released in 2017, the film can be watched now as part of BFP's daily vlog above.


Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco ... Agent Noach
Maxwell Kier DiMarco ... Sergeant Knox

Lifeboat One:
Dan Crisafulli ... Calvin Lorne
Brianne DiMarco ... Sarah West
Angela Faro ... Alexis Allen
Zach Faro ... Jimi Nyx
Larry Hawkins ... Meredith Derrick
Launa Sorensen ... Rhiannon Baye

Lifeboat Two:
Ronnie Allen ... Jimi Nyx
Nathaniel Devish ... Meredith Derrick
Brianne DiMarco ... Alexis Allen
Vanessa Fadeff ... Sarah West
Amber Rainey ... Rhiannon Baye
Bill Read ... Calvin Lorne

Lifeboat Three:
Brianne DiMarco ... Meredith Derrick
Abie Ekenezar ... Sarah West
Yolandra Phillips ... Rhiannon Baye
Darryl Robert Small ... Jimi Nyx
James Rowland ... Calvin Lorne
Ashley Salazar ... Alexis Allen

Lifeboat Four:
Jennifer Angelucci-Medina ... Alexis Allen
Ron Bauer ... Jimi Nyx
Benjamin Casad ... Calvin Lorne
Brianne DiMarco ... Rhiannon Baye
Jennifer DiMarco ... Meredith Derrick
Pilita Revels ... Sarah West

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