Blue Forge Productions is owned by married couple, Jennifer and Brianne DiMarco, and their children, Maxwell and Faith DiMarco. Founded in 2011, BFP focuses on story-centric projects that dare to leave questions unanswered. Are you preparing to be on set with BFP as an actor? We write scripts using our own BFP Method so we run our productions differently. Scroll past our biographies to watch a video about those on-set differences.

Left to right:

Maxwell Kier DiMarco began acting for
BFP as a teen and has grown to also create animated sets; code and design games; write novelizations of projects, and illustrate tie-in products.

Brianne DiMarco is an actor, writer, assistant director,  costume designer, editor, composer and cinematographer specializing in the aerial drone and underwater cameras.

Jennifer DiMarco is a writer, director, composer, editor, cinematographer and executive producer. With her trademark vest, this best-selling novelist is at the heart of every
BFP project. Find out more about Jennifer here or for all the BFP breaking news, friend Jennifer on Facebook or follow the BFP daily vlog.

Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco has acted for
BFP since she was nine years old and is the reason the company was founded. Knowing that Jennifer wrote novels for a living and had written films in the 1980s, in 2011 Faith asked Jennifer to create a ghost hunting show starring a little girl with Type 1 diabetes and her autistic brother... just like Faith. And so Ghost Sniffers, Inc. and BFP was born.

BFP sets are probably run differently than any set you've ever been on and so we made a video that explains our shooting style and our BFP Method scripts. Interested in what other actors -- both new and established -- think of our approach? Read testimonials here.