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"You Don't Know His Story"

Jotham's reality is not our reality; he escapes this world by creating new ones. But whether he's running through dystopia or passing through a universe of surreal glass, he is the master of no domain. Brutalized by Melek and his ilk, Jotham is already broken when he first sees Ruth. Is she a herald of salvation or a harbinger of the end?

Help make MYTHOS PATHOS possible with the purchase of a pewter heart pendant or watch the trailer to the left and scroll down for interviews with the director and star. Want to join the MYTHOS PATHOS team? Contact us today.

MYTHOS PATHOS is the haunting, visually arresting story of one boy living in a society where abuse and "bullying" are allowed to exist - our society. Why are we shocked when we foster this culture, especially among our young men? And ultimately, what can be done to change it?

Watch the official trailer above then scroll down for videos from the writer/director to find out more about this powerful film and why it's being made.




Charlie Chittenden as Harry and Altar Boy

Angela DiMarco as Mother, Mary, and Hustler

Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Jotham

Angela Faro as Ms. Maria

Danni Krehbiel as Ruth, Rogue, and Pussycat

David Hsieh as Mr. Myles

Jake Love as Melek

Kyle Love as Ned

Gregory Marks as Mr. Marks, Christopher, and Vagabond

Jordan Nancarrow as Jude, Altar Boy

Darryl Robert Small as Guard, Pastor, and Authority

Launa Sorensen as Ms. Martha

And as Students:

LaMondtra Atkinson

Veronica Bauer

Jimmy Charles

Noah Cloud

Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco

Embeba Hagos

Isabella Hale

Brandon Hourn

Jordan Hines

Mikayla Johnson

Hunter Jolgen

Kennedy Jorgensen

Emma Jones

Jenaye Krick

Paige Morrison

Arly Quillin

Zac Sherrer

J.J. Sealey

Stacey Venzel

Julia Wyman



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"Take my heart. It will protect you." And Ruth gave Jotham her heart.

Support the film and select either silver- or bronze-tone for your pewter heart pendant with chain for $25. All proceeds go toward making MYTHOS PATHOS.