"When is Friendship Done?"

Pages of a Book is a short film drama with animated scenes from a secret comic book. Eden is an artist, a dreamer, and terminally ill. Her best friend, Jett, is rough-and-tumble, a girl from the other side of the tracks with a rocky home life and an endless capacity for hope.

As Eden's father, Rick (Martyn G. Krouse, Grimm), and Jett's mother, Gina (Angela DiMarco, Ghost Noir), are falling apart in their own separate worlds, Jett continues to stay at Eden's side... even when Eden won't share one last secret.

In one of the first roles of her career, Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco plays Jett, proving her range and dedication. Emilee Gibson, cast after her appearance in Ghost Sniffers, Inc., appears as the brave
but conflicted Eden. Together, these two young actresses create the story of a pure and honest friendship that endures life and death.

The runtime of Pages of a Book is just over thirteen minutes and the entire film can be watched for free above. To support the film and Blue Forge Productions, purchase the commercial DVD that includes the film plus a thirty-minute bonus feature where the cast and writer talk about the making of the film.


Angela DiMarco as Gina
Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Jett
Emilee Gibson as Eden
Martyn G. Krouse as Rick


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