"Together... They Brought Back the Light"

Fans of Jennifer DiMarco's best-selling By Any Means and the animated Drawn and Jericho House can rejoice as, after four years, the screenwriter and novelist makes a return to illustration and animation with Return to the Light.

Every year a brother and sister build a papercraft winter village together. Then... on the winter solstice... they set it aflame to symbolize the return of the light. Their pure connection radiates from the simple, emotive illustrations. But growing up can change things... can shake who we are and our own sense of self-worth. Rediscovering our own strength and the connections that mean the most us is the journey of Return to the Light, an ultra short film in just seventeen powerful shots.

The script for Return of the Light was published in Issue 01 of Arts Ex Machina Magazine and was optioned by producer Death by Meerkats within an hour of the magazine's launch. Within three weeks, Return of the Light was accepted into a short film anthology and Death by Meerkats more than doubled their investment. For new scripts available for producers and investors, pick up a current issue of Arts Ex Machina Magazine.


Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco ... Sister
Maxwell Kier DiMarco ... Brother

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