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"Wishstone. Paper Camera. Knife."

ROCK PAPER KNIFE is a web series of twelve ultra short action/thriller episodes. Wishstones, papercraft and a sharp knife. It was just a game… until it wasn't.

Brother and Sister don't get along. But when Sister finally pushes Brother too far, it triggers an other-worldly chain of events that neither sibling expected drawing the two teens into countless other worlds.

Shot live-action then drawn over by hand and filtered, this living comic series is twelve episodes long and complete with dragons, candy houses, cyborgs and zombies... and then Brother and Sister face the real monsters.

ROCK PAPER KNIFE was created by Seattle Times best-selling novelist Jennifer DiMarco. Though an award-winning poet and published comic writer and illustrator, Jennifer first used film-making as a storytelling medium with GHOST NOIR and GHOST SNIFFERS, INC. When she began ROCK PAPER KNIFE, she was inspired by many sources, including:

Wishstones. Referenced by authors of Americana, internationally-known authors and grandmothers alike, a "wishing stone" is a dark granite stone encircled by an unbroken line of white quartz. Legend has it that these stones can grant wishes.

Thin Man. Many think that this tall, faceless man who steals children entered the pop culture zeitgeist after creation by Eric Knudsen in 2009. But Robert Holdstock's "The Hollowing," "Mythago Wood" and "Lavondyss," published in the 1980s, also feature a thin-limbed and gaunt creature. Exploring world mythology we'll often find these strangely thin and long beasts, and they've even entered into our games with Minecraft's Endermen and their penchant for stealing bits of our world to bring back to their own.

In ROCK PAPER KNIFE, Brother and Sister eventually come to look for trinkets and signs from their own world... and it's these portkeys that allow them to jump again and again. As the series unfolds, more of the world's original mythology is revealed and the dangers that Brother and Sister face grow with every new installment.


Available (Episodes 1 - 4)

Post-Production (Episodes 5 - 12)


Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Sister

Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Brother

Launa Sorensen as Grim Reaper and Cyborg

Pilita Gruber as Wood Witch

Benjamin Casad as Zombie

Chelyn Ocholik as Phantom

Brianne DiMarco as Werewolf