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"Eight Teams. Eight Films. One Grand Prize."

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Take 8 Film Festival: Catacombs is the fourth and final round of our Take 8 Film Festival. All eight teams are now secured and festival participants are locked in. Teams are filming their competing trailers throughout July and all eight trailer will post to YouTube for viewers to watch and vote on August 14.

Votes will be counted for thirty days and then, on September 14, all trailers will be taken down. On Sunday, September 24, at 7pm, the red carpet premiere will be held in Tacoma. All trailers will be screened and the audience will vote for their favorite. All votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced live at the premiere. The winning trailer will be made into a feature film with all actors paid.

All actors participating in the Take 8 Film Festival: Catacombs already have a ticket to the premiere. However, friends and family need to get their tickets now as they will not be sold at the door. Tickets are $10 and available here. If tickets are already sold out, the system will let you know and not charge you. Help decide the winner and support the captains and their teams!

Michelle M. Shadday, Captain
Christopher Chambers
Julee Gagne
Sandra Geldenhuys-Sruggs
Michelle Martinez
Umberto Lenzi
Leah Lee

Ron Bauer, Captain
Veronica Bauer
Courtney Rainer
Kaylie Rainer
Nastassia Reynolds
Alex Gust

Colette Smartt-Hawkins, Captain
Reza Leal-Smartt
Gabriela Noble
Ethan Savaglio
Ronda May Burnette
Amber Rainey
Erica Stauffer
Russell Hay

Jennifer DiMarco, Captain
Brianne DiMarco
Faith DiMarco
Maxwell DiMarco
Abie Ekenezar
James Cleveland Rowland
James Rowland

Nathaniel Devish, Captain
Launa Sorensen
Carrie Avery Moriarty
Ralph Smith
Lonness Valeena
Jessica Slagle Thompson
Molly Olmstead

Angela Faro, Captain
Larry Hawkins
Zach Faro
Jordan Henderson
Shawna Millard
Jessie Larson
Carl Covington
Cat Hayes

Yolandra Phillips-White, Captain
Fernando Cavallo
Lilli Ewing
Leroy Chin
Rachel Faircloth
Jay Hill
Shelby Schill Skiena
Roy Hsu

Georgina Black, Captain
Darryl Robert Small
Jason Connelly 
Thom Delahunt
Genevieve Trainor
Bill Reid Jr
James Pinto II
Hanna Uselding


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