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The TAKE 8 FILM FESTIVAL began in 2015 to introduce actors to BFP Method -- the unique way that Blue Forge Productions makes films -- and also to empower independent film actors as a population. We created the TAKE 8 to give actors a voice in the creation process, to allow them to ask for the roles they've always wanted but have never been given. Here's how the TAKE 8 works and what's at stake:

We announce a new round of the
TAKE 8 FILM FESTIVAL and its inspiring location.
Actors apply to be team captains.
They cast their own teams of up to seven other actors (they're the eighth).
They pick from a list of eight genres.
They send us an eight-word summary of what they want their film to be.
Eight teams are selected to participate.
We talk to the captains about their film.
We write each team an eight-minute film based on their cast, genre, summary and talking to them.
We meet with each team in the inspiring location on different days and make their film in less than six hours.
All eight films are filmed, directed, edited and scored by
The finished films are shown to the world online and at a red carpet premiere in Seattle.
Viewers vote for the Best Actor, Best Actress, and the Grand Prize: Which short film should be remade into a feature film?
Everyone wins trophies...
BFP remakes the winning film is remade into a feature film with all lead actors paid.

We are proud to say that the
TAKE 8 FILM FESTIVAL (now entering round five) is the first and only film festival where the winning short film is remade into a feature. Our Grand Prize winners so far are: VINDICTA, MACBETH THE MUSICAL PARODY, and THE NIOBE STRAIN. Watch and vote in other rounds or apply to be captain by clicking an icon below.

Winners: Vindicta and
Macbeth the Musical Paordy

The Niobe Strain

Watch and vote starting
March 19, 2017

Now Accepting

Watch and vote in
August 2017