"Dive into Darkness to Find the Light"

In an alternative world where ten percent of the population is born with a gene that mutates their bodies and abilities, the government divides the "freaks" into strains, forcing them to be tagged and registered.

When six rebels decide to challenge the status quo, they open Teatro di Freak -- the Theatre of Freaks -- with weekly shows that spotlight their strange and fascinating abilities for sold-out crowds of humans both horrified and mystified by the outcasts.

Will politics, secrets and the power of the Registry force a final curtain call? Or is Helena strong enough to do whatever it takes to keep her troupe together? Never miss an episode and support the show! Subscribe for free.

The flagship original series for Blue Forge Productions new 24 Shot Stories division, Teatro di Freak is created in partnership with Stiletto Studios who also brought audiences A1C: Agents First Class and Prey. Every season of Teatro di Freak contains eight four-minute episodes released for free on YouTube and then compiled on DVD.

Support the series by watching, commenting and subscribing above or purchase an official shirt with the Teatro di Freak logo or a wristband identical to the ones that Radon throws into the audience in Episode 4. Look for other authorized merchandise like a premium DVD, graphic novel, soundtrack, and trading card game in the official Teatro di Freak store.

Season 1, Episodes 1-8 are Available
Season 2 is in Production

Carrie Avery Moriarty ... Helena
Zach Faro ... Griffin
Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco ... Zofi
Maxwell Kier DiMarco ... Trick
Brianne DiMarco ... Holly
Larry Hawkins ... Radon
Amber Rainey ... Margaret Westgate
Rasha Rasmussen ... Aaida Bashir
Abie Ekenezar ... Alexandra
Debbie Moriarty ... Grace
Garrett Roberts ... Charles
Jennifer True ... Sabina Locke
Kellan Rainey ... Hawthorn Westgate
Marcee Mickelle... Taylor
Julee Yokoyama ... Amanda Mattis
Darryl Robert Small ... Ozone
Eliza Cunningham ... Luz Mala
Angela Faro ... Julia Boone
Lance Caver ... Father of Girls
Azia Caver ... Young Dancer
Jamila Caver ... Young Dancer
Katelyn Wales ... Teen Dancer
Joshua Hill ... Male Dancer
Ally Monica Thompson ... Preteen Dancer
Laelle Covington ... Preteen Dancer

Erik Rainey
Ty Anderson
Charlcee Davis
Lauren Coe
Margaret Fulton
Shirley Roberts
Iola Neal
Thom Delahunt
James Wales
Erica McAdams-Roth
James Pinto II
Kelsey Harrison
Rex Waters
Rachel Rene Araucto
Launa Sorensen
Jamie Stout
Jessica Noel Thompson


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