"Welcome to the Show"

In an alternative world where ten percent of the population is born with gene that mutates their bodies and their abilities, society divides the "freaks" into strains and tries to isolate all of them from "normal" humans.

But six rebels decide to make their own way and, in the classic tradition, they open Teatro di Freak -- the Theatre of Freaks. Their weekly shows spotlight their strange, terrifying and fascinating abilities for sold-out crowds of humans both horrified and mystified by these outcasts. Local authorities try to shut down Teatro di Freak but somehow they manage to skirt the law and stay in business.

And it isn't just the human police who threaten this unusual troupe: Leaders among the six strains also try to pry them apart even while internal politics and power struggles wage. Does Teatro di Freak stand a chance? Or will secrets and society force their final curtain call?

Teatro di Freak is created in partnership with Stiletto Studios who also brought
Blue Forge Productions A1C: Agents First Class and Prey. The first season will contain twenty-four four-minute episodes for perfect release on YouTube and then compiled on DVD.

Teatro di Freak is currently casting. Subscribe for free to the
BFP vlog for the casting call.


Carrie Avery Moriarty ... Helena
Zach Faro ... Griffin
Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco ... Zofi
Maxwell Kier DiMarco ... Trick
Brianne DiMarco ... Holly
Larry Hawkins ... Radon
Angela Faro ... Margaret Westgate
Rasha Rasmussen ... Aaida Bashir
Abie Ekenezar ... Alexandra
Debbie Moriarty ... Grace
Garrett Roberts ... Charles
Amber Rainey ... Sabina Locke
Kellan Rainey ... Hawthorn Westgate
TBA ... Crystal Taylor
TBA ... Amanda Mattis
TBA ... Ozone

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