Blue Forge Productions has worked with more than three hundred actors since 2011. Here's what a few of them have to say:

"It was great working with Jennifer on Those Who Remain. She provided a short video of how she worked and what she expected from her actors. I felt like my daughter Veronica and I had walked into a family reunion! Relaxed, but professional. I was hugged as I entered and left the shoot as family." --Ron Bauer

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Jennifer DiMarco for the first time on the set of Those Who Remain. I'm happy to say it won't be the last, as I am working with her again for Rock Paper Knife and the Take 8 Film Festival. It was great working with Jennifer; she not only has a talent for directing, but also for taking care of her actors and film crew." --Jennifer Angelucci-Medina

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on the set of her amazing web series, Ghost Sniffers, Inc. She is a hardworking, multi-talented woman who simply exudes creative energy! She is also compassionate and understanding. She is always very willing to make necessary accommodations for those with disabilities. As a wheelchair-user, I appreciate that greatly. Working with Jennifer has been a fun, positive experience that I will never forget!" --Kristie Gronberg

"Working with Jennifer was great. She not only wrote a story (Pages of a Book) that was inspiring to me on a personal level, but then she shot the film in a way that allowed me to me stay connected with the character I was playing moment by moment." --Martyn G. Krouse

"Working with Jennifer is great. I've worked with her on Ghost Noir and Ghost Sniffers, Inc. During filming all of these, she was encouraging, passionate and really cared about all the actors. She brings out the best in all her cast and crew." --Brielle Nance

"The whole process of filming Angel of Aberdeen was actually really fun. Jennifer is an amazing director and producer and I enjoyed working with her a lot. Being on set felt light and exciting." --Ashlen Schenk

"Working with Jennifer has been such an amazing experience. I am so happy to have had the chance to work with her on Ghost Sniffers, Inc., Ghost Noir, and Pages of a Book, and share a very important message with everybody -- that even having an illness that could hold us back, if we really put our mind to it, we can do anything!" --Emilee Gibson

"Jennifer makes it so easy. I was a first-time actor and she cast me in a leading role. Are you crazy, lady?! But it was so fluid and stress-free. I can't wait to do more (in Rock Paper Knife and the Take 8 Film Festival). On the set of Those Who Remain was the best six hours of my life." --Benjamin Casad

"I'm working with Jennifer on The Laurels, Rock Paper Knife, and the Take 8 Film Festival. I also played Mimi in Those Who Remain. When I read the script, it was spooky and a little sad. When I got on set, I just loved the way Jennifer worked with us. She takes feedback really well and never closes us down as actors. You can really be in the moment. And everyone is so professional and kind on her sets." --Pilita Gruber

"I had a fantastic time on the set of Those Who Remain with Jennifer directing. I can't wait for my next project with her, Rock Paper Knife. One of my favorite parts of working with Jennifer was the welcome I got being a new member of her cast. Thank you again, Jennifer!" --James Rowland

"I'm 10 years old and I just finished the 4th grade. I enjoy working with Jennifer DiMarco and I've made friends during Ghost Sniffers, Inc. Jennifer is patient with everybody. She gives the lines to kids. My sister and I have worked on an independent film, Ghost Noir, and a couple episodes of Ghost Sniffers, Inc. Maxwell and Faith are also really nice. I have fun filming with Maxwell and Faith and Jennifer." --Kelsey Setzer

"I was impressed with the professionalism of the young actors and the director's passion during the filming of Rock Paper Knife." --West Sound Home & Garden