"What Value is Life without Art?"

A short film created during an intensive, sold out workshop that taught new and established actors the BFP Method, The Audition took on a life of is own in the current political climate as, halfway through the filming, the location was flooded with more than two hundred Women's March participants.

In a future time that seems all too close to tomorrow, a shadowy government figure decides who lives and who dies, "auditioning" dancers, poets, singers, artists and musicians with almost no regard for their humanity. Guided by the soothing voice of an AI, the decisions made are unexpected but brimming with a raw truth that resounds in our world today.

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Zach Faro
Rasha Rasmussen
Maxwell Kier DiMarco
Kailah Burr
Gabriela Noble
Colette Smartt
Marie Casad
Robert Hawkins

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