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"Three Couples. Limitless Destinations."

Three real-life couples tell the stories of six incredible women across three vastly different realities. This collection of three short films is, at once, romantic and funny, poignant and thoughtful, terrifying and mysterious. But over all, these are stories of couples that exist together in everything they do.

In BLUE... When Anna first saw Kathleen dance at a gentlemen's club, she was mesmerized by her power and grace. Over the months they dated, and the years since they married, Anna often goes back to that day in her mind when they make love. Their shared memories become sensual places for Anna but when she asks Kathleen where her mind drifts to, the answer is surprising.

In GREEN... In early America, the people simply know her as the Painter and the woman who loves her comes to be called her Sea. Together they inhabit a world where the artistic muse is cold but their love for each other burns eternal. And when the Painter's life changes forever... her Sea stays at her side to face fear and adventure together.

In RED... What happens when the world breaks down? Does love break down as well? Dani is trying to keep Sandy safe as they cross post-apocalyptic terrain in the bitter cold of winter. Wounded early on, Sandy is unable to see... perhaps permanently. The young couple clings to the truth that they must get as far away from the ocean as possible because that's where it all began. But events conspire against them... and the miraculous awaits.


In Production


Brianne DiMarco as Kathleen

Jennifer DiMarco as Anna

Sarah Richard as Sandy

Renee Salant as Sea

Charlie Schuster as Dani

Sam Weis as Painter