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"A Party-Pack of Ultra Short Films"

Blue Forge Productions is family-owned and operated by four DiMarcos -- parents Jennifer and Brianne and their teen-age son and daughter, Maxwell and Faith.

And while Maxwell and Faith are cast in many BFP films, sometimes they are on set only because their parents are.

Such was the case during the November 2016 shoot of BFP's twelfth feature film on the Oregon coast so their parents challenged the two home-schooled teens:

Create your own films, cast each other, and film around the feature film's crew.

Maxwell Kier DiMarco accepted that challenge and began his own series of twelve-shot BFP Method films -- THE TWELVE-SHOT TWELVE-PACK. Four of the films were created in Oregon during his time there and the remaining eight were filmed on various other BFP sets around Washington.

Though THE TWELVE-SHOT TWELVE-PACK is due for a dvd release in 2017, BFP is allowing the films to be seen for free as a celebration of new film-makers. Watch the films as they're released in the playlist above.

To explore of Maxwell's creative work and his efforts as an autism and youth advocate, find out more about Create4U, a BFP-sponsored youth media collective.

Additionally, Maxwell work for the second FORGE FLASHPOINT FILM FESTIVAL. It's free to watch and vote for your favorite film and favorite actor through December 24 here.




See individual films.