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"Looking for Love

in all the Wrong Places"

Parker Sarah is a writer best known for her down-beat novels about single, frumpy women. But Parker is starting to buy into her own fiction! And her best friends, Penny and "Frog," aren't really helping. Penny thinks she's too old to find love and Frog is convinced no one could love someone as quirky as she is. Are size, age, and attitude stopping these three girlfriends from finding happiness or is something else standing in their way?

TWO CHICKS AND A FROG is web series about three very different women, about friendship and finding yourself in spite of yourself. Two seasons (forty-eight episodes) were written by a team of writers -- Amber Rainey, Launa Sorensen, and Kay Whitney -- with two short films to bridge seasons written by Jennifer DiMarco.

Episodes are posted weekly for free. Watch the playlist above and subscribe so you'll never miss a new installment.


Available (Season 1, Episodes 1 - 8)

Post-Production (Season 1, Episodes 9 - 24)

Post-Production (Season 1 Short Film)

Post-Production (Season 2, Episodes 1 - 24)

Post-Production (Season 2 Short Film)


Simone Barron as Giennie

Ron Bauer as Bookstore Reviewer

Veronica Bauer as Maggie

Emily BC as Dancer

Christa Von Der Berg as Susan

Enya Bradner as Beach Girl

Benjamin Casad as Zee

Marie Casad as Teacher, and Beautiful Woman

Ronee Collins as Temp Agent

Staci Crosby as Tweet 3, and Woman at Bar

Danielle Dale as Lucy

Tricia Lucas Dale as Hipster

Harrison Davis as Froggy

Shannon Delaney as Tweet 1

Virginia Delaney as Tweet 2

Nathaniel Devish as Stuart

Brianne DiMarco as Dancer, Bookstore Mother, Relaxation CD, and CYBERGODDESS8675309

Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Amy, and Cafe Customer

Jennifer DiMarco as Rude Customer

Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Ian, and Cafe Customer

Brandi Edinger as Dancer

Abie Ekenezar as Roxane

Angela Faro as Ginny

Pilita Gruber as Television, and Carol

Larry Hawkins as Flasher, Newscaster, and Radio DJ

Michelle Heitzman as Connie

Caille Elizabeth Jensen as Stoner

Morgen Johnson as Alex

Aidan Kennedy as Stan

Nick Martin as Beach Guy

Todd Martini as Bookstore Boyfriend

Erica McAdams-Roth as Religion Woman, and Security Guard

Glen Milligan as Cafe Boss

Melissa Rae-Anne Pickens as Waiter

Anastasia Poole as Marion

Arly Quillin as Berkley, and Beach Dancer

Amber Rainey as Parker

Erik Rainey as Critic, and Tweet 4

Kellan Rainey as Jack

Elizabeth Rhoades as Fan

James Rowland as Mike

James Cleveland Rowland as Mike Jr.

Darryl Robert Small as Hobo (Frank)

Launa Sorensen as Cafe Customer

Sarah Steinberg as Mrs. Flynn

Keaton Tucker as Skateboarder

Anna Watkins as Bookstore Girlfriend

Zack Wilkes as Cute Boy

Yolandra Phillips as Penny

Kay Whitney as Frog

Steve Whitney as Studio Executive