"She Makes Her Own Justice"

Claudette barely recognizes herself in the mirror... and she certainly can't see the little girl she once was. But she makes her own justice. Justice for herself and for her lost childhood friend.

Watch the official trailer for the feature film by playing the video to the left. Or scroll down to find out more about the original short film that started it all and the feature film available now.

Vindicta began as a short film for the first Take 8 Film Festival in 2015. Actor Pilita Revels challenged Blue Forge Productions to create a film based on the premise: "Bad people. Missing children. No remorse. My revenge." From that core concept, Vindicta became a seven-minute short film that won the festival's Audience Choice Grand Prize to be remade into a feature film. Additionally, Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco, who played the teenage Rosanne in Vindicta, won Best Actress for that first Take 8 Film Festival.

There are several ways to experience Vindicta:

Watch all eight short films of Take 8 Film Festival for $1.99 here or buy the festival on DVD here.

Watch just the short film for 99 here.

Watch the feature film for $2.99 here.

Available (short film)
Available (feature film)

Pilita Revels as Claudette de Choix
Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Rosanne
Ronnie Allen as Baptiste de Choix (Kemper in the short film)
Mandy Baker as Bernadette
Zach Faro as Dorn
Ronee Collins as Paulie and Officer Longrenn
Danielle Dale as Pat
Joseph Dale as Chris
Tricia Lucas Dale as Monica
Brianne DiMarco as Hannah
Jennifer DiMarco as Jackie
Maxwell Kier DiMarco as Matt
Angela Faro as Anya
Carmina Gruber as Child Claudette
Larry Hawkins as Anthony
Jordan Henderson as Ken, Officer Yelm and Jack
Erica McAdams-Roth as Julie and Dispatch
Carrie Avery Moriarty as Mrs. Toddy
Yolandra Phillips as Lynette de Choix
Courtney Rainer as Regina
Amber Rainey as Sadi
Erik Rainey as Stranger
Kellan Rainey as Billie
James Rowland as Andre
Launa Sorensen as Officer Flynn and Isabelle
Sarah Steinberg as Detective Clark
Angela DiMarco as Adult Rosanne
Ed Stone as Detective Abbott
Mandy McGee as Poppy

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